The Republic of Moon Island is a republic formed in 2026 after the fall of Shops Island. Its first president was Penstubal. The capital is the same as the capital of the current State of Moon Island, Dancing Penguin City. By 2026 it has a population of over 2.567.342.


Below are the top government positions of the RoMI:

  • Founding father (ceremonial position) - Dps04
  • President - Penstubal
  • Prime Minister - Snowstormer
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs -
  • Minister of Defense -
  • Minister of Interior Affairs -
  • Minister of Energy -
  • Minister of Transport - Quackerpingu
  • Minister of Environment - Aquamarina14
  • Minister of Education - Snowstormer
  • Minister of Finance - Vacant
  • Minister of Agriculture - Vacant
  • Chief Justice - Vacant
  • Minister of Justice - Vacant
  • Minister of Culture & Tourism - Vacant
  • Minister of Social Welfare - Vacant

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