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Moonholm is one of the largest subregions on Moon Island, as well as the largest primary subregion on Moon Island. Home to 409,872 penguins, Moonholm is a mountainous region, consisting of some of the Island's greatest mountains, hills, valleys and waterfalls. It is home to the current chairman of Moon Island, Aquamarina14, who lives within the Autonomous region of Lunares.
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  • Moon Island celebrates its anniversary on May 5th.
  • This wiki was created on May 3rd, 2015.
  • A terrorist attack was carried out against SlenderXP in his residence in Grand Penguin's Square in Dancing Penguin City, on May 1st 2015. SlenderXP is safe and sound and his residence is now strictly guarded 24/7.
  • Tension has sprung in the Autonomous regions of Danea and Lunares due to the Moonholmian reform; 80% of the government officials are from the disputed territories.
  • The Moon Island Government has elected a new chairman, Aquamarina14, who will take office from June 22nd.
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Flag of the Federal Territory
Did you know...
  • ... that the Republic of Moon Island was born in 2026, after Shops Island fell?
  • ... that Aquamarina14 is the current chairman-elect of Moon Island?
  • ... that Moon Island was founded May 5th, 2012?
  • ... that Moon Island used to be tens of independent nations before they were united long ago?
  • ... that Wizzintine is the only Moon Island state to not have the Lunar Triangle on its flag?